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常 用 口 语
* 姓          Family name ,Surname
* 名         First Name ,Given name
* 性别        sex ,gender
* 男         male
* 女         female
* 国籍       nationality , country of citizenship
* 中国        China
* 中国人      Chinese
* 护照        Passport
* 护照号      passport number
* 签证        Visa
* 原住地      country of origin  
* 前往国      destination country
* 登机城市    city where you boarded
* 签证签发地  city where visa was issued
* 签发日期  date of issue
* 出生日期    date of birth ,birth date
* 年 year,月 month ,日 day
* 偕行人数    accompanying number
* 签名        signature
* 官方填写  official use only
* 职业          occupation
* 登机、启程    Embarkation
* 登岸          Disembarkation
* 商务签证      Business Visa
* 观光签证      Tourist Visa

* 航站、终点站  Terminal
* 入境大厅      Arrival Lobby
* 出境大厅      Departure Lobby
* 登机门号码    Gate Number
* 登机证        Boarding Card ,Boarding Pass
* 机场税        Airport Tax
* 登机手续办理处Check in Counter
* 海关申报处    Customs Service Area
* 货币申报      Currency Declaration
* 免税商品      Duty-Free Items
* 大号 large , 中号 medium , 小号small
* 纪念品        Souvenir
* 行李          Baggage ; Luggage
* 托运的行李    Checked baggage
* 行李领取处    Baggage claim area
* 随身行李      Carry-on baggage
* 行李牌        Baggage Tag
* 行李推车      Luggage Cart
* 退税处        Tax-free refund
* 盥洗室、厕所     Lavatory;washroom;toilet;
* W.C.=water closet; rest room
* 男厕            Men's; Gent's; Gentlemen's
* 女厕            Women's; Lady's
* 使用中           Occupied
* 空闲             Vacant
* 男(女)空服员     Steward (Stewardess)      
* 机内免税贩卖     In-Flight Sales

* 外币兑换店       Currency Exchange Shop
* 汇率             Exchange rate
* 旅行支票         Traveler's check
* 手续费           Commission
* 银行买入价       We buy(Bid)
* 银行卖出价       We sell(Ask)

* 入住登记手续     Check-in
* 客房服务         Room Service
* 退房(时间)       Check Out (Time)
* 酒店大堂         Lobby
* 咖啡馆           Coffee shop
* 服务员,侍者,行李员waiter
* 电话叫醒服务     Wake Up Call ,Morning Call
* 前台             Front Desk ,Reception
* 矿泉水             mineral water
* 橙汁               orange juice
* 牛奶               milk
* 白兰地             brandy
* 咖啡               coffee
* 啤酒               bear
* 红葡萄酒           red wine
* 白葡萄酒           white wine
* 果汁               juice
* 米饭               rice
* 面条               noodles
* 鱼                 fish
* 鸡肉               chicken
* 牛肉               beef
* 牛排               steak
* 可乐               coke
* 热水               hot water
* 热茶               hot tea
1. 登机、安检、通关
* Your trunk is overweight.(你的行李过重。)
* Where is gate 10?(十号登机门在哪里?)
* Please take off your shoes and take your personal things out of your pockets.(请您脱鞋,把身上带的东西都拿出来。)
* Please stand here, on the platform.(请您站在这个台子上。)
* Please turn around.(请转过身来。)
* What do you have in this bag?(你袋里装的是什么?)
* Please sign your name here.(请您签上您的名字。)
* Sorry, it is not permitted to be taken on board according to the new regulations.(对不起,根据新的有关规定这是不允许带上飞机的。)
* That’s OK. You may go. See you.(没问题,您可以走了。再见。)
* I feel sick. Do you have any pills for airsickness?(我晕机,你有晕机药吗?/呕吐袋airsickness bag)
* Please help me to check if my immigration and customs declaration forms are correct.(请帮我看一下我的入境申请单与海关申报单填的对不对。)
* Could you help me to fill out the two forms –immigration form and customs declaration form?(您可以帮我填写一下入境申报单、海关申报单吗?)
* Can I have another portion?(请问可否再多给我一份?)
* I want a seat in the smoking section, please.(我要一个吸烟区的座位,谢谢。)
* I prefer a window seat.(我比较喜欢靠窗的座位。)
* Can I have a glass of water?(请问可否给我一杯水?)
* Could I have a blanket?(能给我一条毯子吗?)
* Is this the line for Aliens?(外国人是排在这一行吗?)
* Excuse me, where is the restroom?(请问厕所在哪里?
  男厕 Men’s  女厕 Lady’s)
* I don’t speak English, please help me to find a interpreter who can speak Chinese. Thank you.(我不会说英语,请帮我找一位懂汉语的翻译。谢谢!)
* How long will you stay in this country?(你将在这个国家待几天?)
* I will stay in this country for three days.(我将在这个国家三天。)
* Why do you come to the USA?(你为什么来美国?)
* I’m here on business.(我是来这儿出差的。)
* Anything to declare?(你有什么应申报的东西吗?)
* I have nothing to declare.(我没有什么要申报的。)
* There are all my personal effects.(这些都是我的私人物品。)
* May I see your ticket, passport and health certificate, please?(让我看看您的机票、护照和健康证明,好吗?)
* Have you got any US dollars?(你带美元了吗?)
* How much?(带了多少?)

2. 公务活动
* How do you do,I’m glad to meet you. (你好,很高兴认识你。)
* How do you do. Glad to meet you, too. (你好,我也很高兴认识你。)
* It's nice meeting you. (很高兴认识你。)
* May I have your name, please? (请问你叫什么名字?)
* This is Mr. Li.(这位是李先生。)
* May I introduce myself, Li Ming, here is my business card.(请允许我自我介绍,我叫李明,这是我的名片。)
* I have often heard about you.(久仰大名。)
* Please show me the menu.(请把菜单给我。) 
* Cheers! (干杯!)  Bottoms up! (干杯!)
* How would you like your steak?(请问您的牛排要几分熟?)
* Bloody.(生的) Rare.(三分熟)  Medium rare.(五分熟)
 Medium.(七分熟) Medium well.(八分熟) Well done.(全熟)
* I’m full./I’m stuffed.(我吃饱了。/我吃得太饱了。)
* No, thanks. I don’t drink any wine.(不,谢谢。我不喝酒。)
* Just a little.(只要一点点。)
* Thank you very much. (非常感谢。)
* You're welcome.(不客气。)
* What would you like to drink?(你想喝点什么?)
* How can I get in touch with you?(我怎样能跟你联络上?)
* I'll do my best.(我将会尽我最大努力。)
* Wait a moment,please. (请稍等一下。)
* Please remember me to Mr. Wang.(请代我向王先生问好。)
* I’ll surely remember you and your invitation to Mr. Wang.(我一定向王先生转达您的问候和邀请。)
* Bye!(再见!)
* Best wishes!(祝您好运!)
* Let's keep in touch.(让我们保持联系。)
3. 旅游、购物
* May I try it on?(我能试穿一下吗?) 
* How much?(多少钱?)
* It’s too expensive.(太贵了。)
* Give me a discount, please.(请给我打个折扣。)  
* Could I have a refund on this?(这件东西我可以退款吗?)
* Would you please give me a receipt?(能给我一张发票/收据吗?)
* Could you take a picture for me? (你能帮我拍照吗?)

4. 遇到麻烦
* I'm lost. Could you do me a favor to find my hotel?(我迷路了,您能告诉我怎么回饭店吗?)
* I'm lost. Could you help me give a call to my tour guide?(我迷路了,您能帮我打个电话给我的导游吗?)
* My money was stolen.(我的钱被偷了。)
* I can’t find my passport.(我找不到我的护照了。)
* My ticket is lost. Where am I supposed to pay the excess fare?(我的票丢了。我应该去哪补票呢?)
* I have been robbed!(我被抢了!)
* Could you call for a Chinese-speaking staff?(请你叫一位会讲中文的人好吗?)